Meet the Team Monday

This Monday we introduce you to Alex Mole, a project manager who joined NWP 2 months ago at our Basingstoke office. . In his role, Alex leads and manages a team of engineers to deliver contracts, ensure the right people are engaged at the right time and empowered to give their best and face our customers and be the point of contact and person they know and can rely on.

13 Sep 2021

“I rather fell into project management after spending years as a metallurgist. I was asked to support various R&D projects at a technical level, and to assist in planning and organising some aspects of the delivery. I kept being offered roles in larger and larger projects, with more responsibility, eventually running them outright. After successfully delivering each project I was asked to (most of them to cost and schedule no less!), for my sins I was offered a secondment to work in the company PMO, where I officially trained and qualified as a Project Manager.

What I like most about my job is the people I meet and interact with on a day to day basis, and enjoy the challenge of committing to delivery and making that come to pass and the interesting clients and work we’re involved in, while working for NWP.

I spent a year learning Japanese at the School of Oriental and African Studies, which finished with a 2-month trip to Japan. I had a work placement in Sapporo organised by the Hokkaido University of Education, spending a month working in the Sapporo offices of JTB, then a month travelling across Japan. I’ve visited authentic hot springs, visited thousand year old temples, walked up mountains, ridden the bullet train, been invited to Karaoke, dined at ramen kiosks hidden in backstreets and in restaurants the top of skyscrapers. I discovered a love for green tea ice cream and, surprisingly, tofu. And while I’m very proud of having done so, I cannot recommend glass-blowing in a second language unless you are very brave!

In my spare time I enjoy Gaming, online, offline, tabletop and boardgames. I’ve enjoyed strategy games and MMOs for years, I assemble and paint miniatures for table top games and I have an extensive collection of boardgames. I enjoy cycling, I used to regularly complete sportives and look forward to my son being old enough that I can start up again and take him along with me. After many years of swearing blind that throwing oneself off a mountain with fibreglass strapped to your feet was insanity, I discovered that I love snowboarding and can’t wait till I can get my son on a board (and have an excuse to go again myself).”

We hope that you have enjoyed getting to know Alex as much as we have, and perhaps made you want to book a trip to Japan? Catch you next week with another of our amazing team!

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