Meet the Team Monday

This Monday we introduce you to Hayden Rose, who joined us almost a year ago, as a Mechanical Engineering Apprentice.

09 Aug 2021

“Ever since I was a kid building Lego sets and working your way up to using Meccano and AIRFIX kits always interested me in understanding how things are built together and how products are developed. Even walking round towns and cities and looking at architecture i.e. V & A Museum Dundee, gets me intrigued into engineering.

In my role I always enjoy modelling on Inventor and being able to solve problems with designs. From using Inventor I have developed an appreciation for Frame Generator with being able to model frame structures. I also hope to use VR more often in the near future as trials continue with a hope for undertaking design reviews using VR.

Working at NWP brings a fantastic family working feel where I feel that I can discuss any work/life matters with my peers. I also love the aspiration the company has in growing going forward, the Innovation Club offers huge potential for all people to come together and show case engineering abilities, for example 3D Printing and VR.

In my spare time I have a rather schedule! From playing football every Wednesday, running car owner clubs, to being a steward and supporters trust board member at Chorley FC. When I can I also like to go travelling and karting.

Fun Fact: I used to be part of the Air Training Corps where we occasionally had the chance to go up in Grob Tutors and pull a couple G-Forces!”

We hope that you have enjoyed getting to know Hayden! He’s a funny character who keeps the spirits up of the team within the office, whilst still putting great effort into the completion of his first year of his engineering apprenticeship with us! Catch you next week with another one of our amazing team!

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