Virtual Reality

As part of the Innovation Club, North West Projects has several exciting projects in development, two of which make the use of our Virtual Reality (VR) and laser scanning capability.

03 Aug 2021

We originally invested in this equipment to expand out offer to clients and want to make sure that we are maximising the potential of this technology.

With regards to the laser scanning, the Innovation Club initiated a feasibility study to try and better understand the potential of the equipment and how it could be best used within the design engineering services offered by the company.

This involved a specialist group from within NWP teaming up with Quadra Solutions (Our CAD Software supplier) and conduct a laser scan of a community church in Skipton that requires extensive renovations. This allowed out more junior engineers and designers to learn how to use the equipment in a site environment and import the resulting cloud point data into CAD software with the aid of Quadra Solutions.

On VR, we thought it would be beneficial to potentially use a simulated environment to undertake design reviews. We looked at a variety of software available, which eventually lead us to the use of 3DSMax.

We have recently put the VR to use on a live project, simulating the maintenance platforms and fencing being lowered onto the handlers within a client site maintenance area. In the past we would have taken snapshot still images from the 3D CAD model to show access to bolts, brackets, movements in critical areas etc. Now we can show this in a simulated environment with user interaction to confirm maintainability and operability requirements.

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