Meet the Team Monday

This Monday we introduce you to Jack Broughton, who joined us 4 months ago as a Mechanical Designer, wanting to pursue his career in the Nuclear Sector.

02 Aug 2021

“From a very early age I have always been pulling things apart and putting them back together, including playing with Meccano and Lego, which attracted me to my career path. After graduating from University I have mainly been involved in Additive manufacturing such as 3D printing but am now excited to pursue my career in the nuclear sector as Nuclear energy has always been a personal interest of my own.

Being a mechanical engineer, I enjoy using the CAD system and using my imagination and Engineering knowledge to produce concepts and detailed designs of 3D models, that are then manufactured into real items that will be used in different industries.

I have only worked for NWP for a short amount of time, and in that short time I have enjoyed the variety of different projects we get involved with including the innovation hub and constantly learning new skills to further develop my career.

In my spare time I enjoy a variety of hobbies including: Kite-Buggying, Remote control Car racing, Airbrush Painting, DIY projects on my new house, mountain biking, Archery, Camping, Longboarding, and Computer Gaming.”


We hope that you enjoyed getting to know Jack! He might have only worked for NWP for 4 months, but he has settled in great and is already a valued member of the NWP Family! Catch you next week with another one of our amazing team!

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