Bringing the Virtual into Reality

The Innovation Club at NWP is all about expanding our knowledge and capabilities using new technology and software.

27 Jul 2021

We have recently purchased a large scale resin 3D Printer, which we will use as a tool to aid the design process by rapidly producing design prototypes. The new 3D printer will also be used to showcase our concepts, ideas and innovations to our clients.

We will also need a Curing Station to cure the printed parts. Instead of buying a unit off-the-shelf, the Innovation Club has created a project to design and build our own custom unit, which our apprentices are heavily involved in. This project is a fantastic opportunity for them to grow their design skills and knowledge of the design process. The project is being treated as if it were a ‘real’ project for our clients and therefore all the required supporting documentation and risk assessments will be completed.

The Curing Station will cure the printed parts using UV lights and incorporate a timer system that will also be designed in-house by one of our electrical apprentices. Manufacture and assembly will take place in-house where possible, so keeping this in-mind during the design process is key.

Please see a screenshot below of the initial concept design, which will be developed further in the coming weeks.

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