Meet the Team Monday

We’re back this week with another team member to introduce you to on #meettheteammonday.

12 Jul 2021

This Monday we introduce you to John Ashworth, A mechanical Engineer who has spent 11 years working with NWP…

“Playing with Meccano and Lego as a lad attracted me to engineering and was probably what lead me to become an engineer, that and the thought stimulation! The environment and banter in the offices at NWP makes it a great place to work.

In my spare time you would find me caravanning, sampling real ale, listening to music or watching my football and rugby league team, something I have done since my childhood.”

We hope you enjoyed getting to know John, he is yet another character who’s always got us laughing in the office! Although, we do hope he means just the rugby and football watching from his childhood, and not the sampling real ale! ? Come back next Monday to meet another amazing employee of NWP!

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