Employee of the Month – June

We are delighted to announce the winner of this months' Employee of the Month award...

29 Jun 2021


Once again we gave our employees the chance to vote for their colleagues that the feel have shown Team Spirit and Generosity, this Months’ value:

Team Spirit & Generosity – “Together, we build solutions to overcome challenges and share success”

We are delighted to announce that this months’ winner is Matthew Duffy, Project Manager! Congratulations for demonstrating Team Spirit and Generosity! We really are a community of incredible people! From July 2021 onwards, we have decide to move the employee of the month to quarterly, renaming it ‘Employee of the Quarter’. This is to ensure that the purpose of the award is not diluted and remains valuable, whilst forming a natural cycle of four quarters, four values. Watch this space for the winners of Q3’s value: ”Innovation and Entrepreneurship”.

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