Eco Action Weekend

At North West Projects we are committed to reducing our environmental impact inside and outside of the office and regularly look at improving our ways of working throughout the business in order to reduce our carbon footprint. 

09 Mar 2021

During the current restrictions and many more of us taking the opportunity to get outdoors, it became apparent that there was a lot of litter around, spoiling the scenery but most importantly, harming our wildlife, animals and sea life! So, this weekend we encouraged our employees to take a bin bag and picker/glove and pick up some litter on their daily walks.

Did you know any of the following litter facts?

  • Cleaning up litter from the streets of Britain costs taxpayers around £500 million. That does not include the amount it costs to clean up parks and other public spaces.
  • Almost 48% of people admit to dropping litter.
  • The amount of litter dropped each year in the UK has increased by a massive 500% since the 1960s.
  • 7 out of every 10 items of discarded litter is food packaging or wrappers.
  • Around 122 tons of cigarette butts and cigarette-related litter is dropped every day across the UK.
  • 1.3m pieces of rubbish are dropped on UK roads every weekend. 1/3 of motorists admit to littering while they are driving.
  • The rat population has increased to 60 million due to the increasing amounts of litter.

Shocking isn’t it…?

Well done and Thank You to everyone who took part!

A comment from one of our litter pickers:

“In my experience, the amount of plastic I found was sad… a lot of it on the river banks making its way to the ocean ☹. I found it a really rewarding experience – I might not have collected bags and bags, but felt a great sense of achievement knowing I have done something to help, not only the animals but help make the walk a lot more natural and organic, without the flickers of wrappers and plastic! I will most definitely be talking a bag with me when going on a walk in the future!”

Katie Howell, Communications

We hope this post has inspired you to think more about the environment any maybe to take a bin bag with you on your next walk and pick up some litter. Remember to be careful and check out the health and safety precautions online prior to starting!

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