EPSWTR Project Update

The project will provide the capability to transfer MSSS solid waste to the EPS for storage and therefore enable the earlier risk reduction of the MSSS facility through the removal of bulk waste.

12 Dec 2018

What is EPSWTR?

Encapsulated Product Store Waste Transfer Route (EPSWTR), is a modification of the EPS Import/Export Facility (I/EF) and was identified as an opportunity to accelerate the start of MSSS solid waste retrievals at a UK Nuclear Site, prior to the completion of the Box Encapsulation Plant (BEP).

What is NWPs involvement in EPSWTR?

NWP started work on EPSWTR project in early 2017. Working within the IDS (Integrated Decommissioning Solutions) Joint Venture, to provide the complete design, manufacture and supply of equipment to be installed in the EPS facility. Having a multidiscipline team of approx. 20 engineers, NWP are responsible for all elements of Design within the project, from concept, through detailed design and production of manufacturing drawings, calculations and documentation.

The requirement to deliver EPSWTR in a very short time frame has led to a different project management ethos. The project has very much been focused on collaborative working and communication within an ‘Integrated’ team, which includes the customer as well as other companies within the joint venture. Through collaboration and early engagement with manufacture and commissioning, we have been able to drive efficiencies by ensuring the design considers the capability and capacity of downstream processes resulting in significant time and cost savings.

Due to the limited window of opportunity for the implementation of EPSWTR, the project has been driven at a very fast pace. Moving from concept design to manufacture in less than 12 months.

NWP have provided ongoing support through the manufacture and have conducted a full Integrated Works Testing (IWT) programme to demonstrate the functionality and operability of the equipment. Allowing valuable Learning From Experience (LFE) to be gained which can be taken forward into commissioning of the equipment at site.

What is the current status of the EPSWTR project?

NWP are still providing design support to the project in producing Life Time Records (LTRs) and technical files to support the CE marking of the equipment.

With the manufacture and testing now complete, the project is well into the site installation phase at site, with completion of the build and commissioning due to commence in early 2019. NWP have provided ongoing support during installation, by means of survey and setting out of equipment to achieve the necessary tolerances required to ensure the correct operation of the plant, replicating the procedures and LFE gained during IWT.

The project is currently on schedule to achieve the target delivery dates.

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